Two alien

2AP – Two Alien Planets. A man and a woman, two strangers for whom the same is never the same. Their folk-rock music is full of emotions.

Two Alien Planets

Passing By

In every moment

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2AP – Two Alien Planets. A man and a woman. Too different to reach harmony. Too close to let go. In tune with each other even if misunderstood. Singing about all the things we desire and that never happen. Not because of a lack of courage, just because of life.


I let my emotions shape the music. They are made of fragments of stories in my mind and in my heart. There is also a lot of daydreaming in my songs about things for which there’s no space in real life. But I feel joyful and free when singing about them.


Playing guitar and singing makes me happy and relaxed. I prefer acoustic guitar and I enjoy combining various tunings and techniques, including fingerstyle. I use elements of rock, folk, country, funky and jazz, switching between romantic styles and harder rock rhythms.


June 16, 2024 | 6.00 pm

Dům kultury Hodonín, Horní Valy 3747/6 695 01 Hodonín


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